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Club Ice Session Rules Links


1. Only members and their guests are permitted to skate during Club sessions.

2. All members and guests must sign the Club Register upon entering the rink.

3. Members may purchase coupons for the Club's Northbrook and Skokie regular season sessions. Coupons are only transferable to other "home" club or associate members. Coupons are only valid during the season for which they are purchased. Senior members may use Northbrook coupons for Skokie sessions.

4. Guests are limited to five sessions per season and must pay the current Guest Fee.

5. Registered members of out-of-town USFSA clubs (home more than 75 miles from Chicago) shall be permitted to skate as a guest for one session without charge. Thereafter, a Guest Fee will be charged. As an accommodation to out-of-town visitors, after five guest sessions per season, they may pay a special per session fee instead of purchasing an ice package.

6. Guests who are not USFSA members must sign a liability waiver.


7. Only professionals who have submitted an application and proof of insurance to the President and who have been approved by the Board of Directors are permitted to teach during Club sessions. The President may grant temporary permission for a professional to teach until the next scheduled meeting of the Board of Directors.

8. Professionals are required to sign the Club Register upon entering the rink.

9. While courtesies should be extended to skaters who are receiving a lesson, private lessons are not permitted to interfere with members skating the announced dance on program dance sessions or with members skating to their program tape on other sessions. Professionals giving instruction are responsible to alert their students in sufficient time for the instructor and student to give way to skaters with the right of way.

10. Professionals may not give lessons to a guest skater if it would displace the regularly scheduled lesson of a Club member, unless such member agrees.

11. Professionals may take lessons if they have purchased an ice contract or a coupon or have paid a guest fee.


12. Skaters, skating the announced dance, have the right of way and all other persons must be alert and give way.

13. Whenever possible, skaters shall space themselves around the rink at the start of a dance in order to eliminate a long line of skaters.

14. Skaters, who drop out while a dance is in progress, shall move out of the way immediately so that others may continue without deviating from the pattern.

15. At dance work sessions, professionals giving lessons may request 2 dances per half-hour and others may request 1 dance per half-hour, with priority being given to requests for members taking lessons. After all pending requests have been satisfied, new requests will be taken; how ever, the same dance should not be played more than 3 times per half-hour. In the absence of requests, program dance may be played.


16. All members, guests and professionals are expected to adhere to all Club rules while on Club sessions and to show courtesy and respect to others.

17. Only figure skates are permitted during Club sessions.

18. Personal listening devices (cassette or CD players) are not permitted.

19. Skaters shall not socialize or stand in groups on the ice during Club sessions. It is suggested that they move to an off ice area so that they do not interfere with other skaters.

20. At the end of a session, skaters should leave the ice promptly. Once the Zamboni is on the ice, all skating must stop.

21. Articles of clothing, purses, etc., shall not be left on the barriers. Persons should not sit on the barriers.

22. Eating or drinking is not permitted on the ice. Smoking is not permitted in the rink.

23. Sessions designated as "senior" or "junior" are generally limited to members in those categories (and their respective guests) as approved by a Club representative taking into account skill levels and maturity.

24. Club representatives shall interpret and apply these rules to provide for a safe skating session.

25. Suggestions for additions or modifications to these rules or concerns regarding any problems should be directed to the President in writing. See Section III.5 of the Club's By-Laws for information on conflict resolution.

Rev. 2005-03-08

CFSC By-Laws - Sec. III.5. Conflict Resolution

01. If any member(s) has a complaint against another member(s) for an alleged infraction of any By-Law or rule (other than the skating rules of the United States Figure Skating Association) or for conduct injurious to the Club, then the complaining member(s) may deliver a written statement to the President specifying the facts of the case, the names of any witnesses, and the resolution requested. Any such complaint must be delivered within seven (7) days after the incident or problem arose. Upon receipt of a complaint, the President will appoint a Special Committee to investigate it and make recommendations to the Board of Directors. The period for submission of a complaint may be extended by the Special Committee upon a finding of a compelling basis for the delayed submission. Such committee and the Board will use the Conflict Management and Conflict Resolution Guide published by the United States Figure Skating Association and other relevant conflict resolution materials as appropriate to the particular circumstances. If the Special Committee or the Board determines that a hearing is required, the complaining and complained against members will be given at least seven (7) days notice and the opportunity to make written or oral statements.

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